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True Grit Kviek IPA Beer Launch

As a tribute to the millions of frontline workers around the world who are risking their health in the fight against COVID-19, we have made True Grit –  a juicy 6.2% Kviek IPA.

This beer isn’t just about the NHS, it’s also for the carers, shopworkers, caretakers, factory workers and countless others who are also risking their health everyday to support our local communities.

To help launch True Grit, our campaign featured local frontline workers who have been grafting their guts out during the fight against Covid-19. Here are their stories.


True Grit Kveik IPA AVAILABLE NOW - Click here to buy it now

Amy carlton

amie carlton

hospice nurse

Amie has been working throughout the pandemic – even when so many others were able to spend time with their families while on furlough. She said that any recognition they receive gives her a massive lift because she knows their efforts haven’t been overlooked.

Amie, damn right you deserve some recognition!


liz braithwaite

hospice nurse

Liz and her team at the Hospice have not only been working throughout Covid-19, but they’ve also had to work longer hours and cover extra shifts.

The virus has meant that for the first time Hospice staff have had to deal with restricted visiting because initially they had to be very strict.
Liz admitted that emotionally that was quite a stressful thing for staff to have to deal with.

Other than that, Liz said they have just got on with everything that’s been thrown at them.

andy landmaid

andy langmaid

supermarket manager

Andy is a manager at Tesco and he’s explained how their staff have had to be incredibly flexible and put themselves at risk to keep supporting the community.

Although he knows that working at Tesco isn’t on the same level as the NHS, they are still key workers and he’s proud that supermarket workers are getting the recognition they deserve.

These guys are killin’ it! Keep up the great work!


mark webster

school caretaker

Mark has barely been able to have a day off during Coronavirus. It’s down to him to make sure that everything around the school is safe ready for when they kids come back to school
in September.

He’s had to deep clean classrooms, redecorate parts of the school and make sure that everything is labeled correctly so children go the right way and stop when they are supposed to.

People like Mark are doing an amazing job to make our schools safe.


arul kulasekaram

new waltham shopkeeper

Arul has been running a convenience store in New Waltham for five years and his shop is open seven days a week to serve his local community.

He’s noticed a lot more people coming to his shop during the pandemic rather than risk the big queues and large groups in the supermarkets.

Arul said he’s proud to be seen as a key worker for the people of New Waltham. We’re sure they are pretty proud of you too, Arul.


troy grady

recycling worker

Troy works at the recycling centre that’s open from 8am to 6pm everyday, come wind, rain or shine – even during a pandemic.

When they reopened to the public after lockdown, he and his colleagues painted the units because they wanted to put smiles on people’s faces during a
difficult time.

Troy and his workmates can also sometimes be seen wearing Minions costumes for the same reason.


fiona rodgers

factory worker

Fiona has only been working for Northcoast Seafood since the start of the year but she noticed a big demand for frozen meals during coronavirus.

The factory workers have been working 10 hour days to keep up with demand from the big supermarkets for processed fish products that include salmon, cod, haddock, plaice, scallops – all kinds of fish.

People like Fiona are literally helping to keep people across the country fed during a time of crisis.

andy moore

andy moore

taxi driver

Andy is just one of the taxi drivers across town who helped carers, hospital workers and cleaners get to and from work during lockdown…. and at a cheaper tariff than normal.

Andy also helped customers with their supermarket trips and sometimes got shopping lists from elderly people who were instructed to shield and whizzed around the shops for them!

Taxi drivers of North East Lincolnshire, we salute you!

dr bob

dr rob bain

consultant cardiologist

Dr Bain has been seeing outpatients at Weelsby View Health Centre five days a week throughout the whole of lockdown.

Although some consultations can be done over the phone, Dr Bain still believes being able to see and talk to the patient, feel their pulse and put a stethoscope on their chest, is still the best way until technology has found a new way.

Until then, he’ll still be seeing his patients. Coronavirus or no Coronavirus.

True Grit Kviek IPA Beer Launch

health tree foundation

As a thank you to the courageous men and women in the NHS, we are donating 10p from every can and pint sold to the Health Tree Foundation – a charity that makes life easier for patients and their loved ones in our local hospitals.

The Church lit up NHS Blue in support of our frontline workers

stage & light

To mark the launch, Docks Beers on King Edward Street was lit up ‘NHS blue’ by Stage & Light, a event production company also based in Grimsby.

True Grit Kveik IPA AVAILABLE NOW - Click here to buy it now


True Grit is available now on tap in our taproom and in cans from our online store and taproom shop.

10p from every can or pint sale of True Grit will be donated to the Health Tree Foundation.


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