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Top 10 Craft Beer Gifts

Top 10 Craft Beer Gifts

Stop looking for The Ultimate Craft Beer Gift List because you have just found it. Docks Beers, Grimsby have searched the net and curated a list of the finest Beer Gifts that cater to all budgets and occasions.

So, whether you’re looking for beer gift ideas for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Father’s Day, or simply because it’s the thought that counts then this list has got both you and the beer lover in your life covered.

So here goes. Introducing “Our Top 10 Craft Beer Gifts” article. Here’s a taster of what’s on the market right now…


3 docks beers cans

Craft Beer aficionados love a Mixed Pack. They’re a great way to sample a variety of beer styles (sometimes in a single sitting) and get a real sense of a brewery. A fine example of this is our popular Docks Beers Mixed Pack. It has a great selection of accessible craft beers known as our Core Range, each of these tasty beverages is hand brewed with selected ingredients at our Taproom & Brewery, situated at a converted church near Grimsby’s famous Docks.

From easy-going Session Ales to Mango and Lime pale ales, there’s something in this mixed pack for everyone. As beer gifts go, it doesn’t get much better than this. (although I suppose we have to say that).


If you like to drink Craft Beer, and we’re guessing you do, then you’ll probably enjoy reading about quality ales and breweries as well. We highly recommend ‘The Little Book of Craft Beer’ by Melisa Cole. Across 176 pages, this educational book looks at 100 of the world’s most innovative and tastiest Craft Beers. Whichever beer style you like: light or smooth, citrusy or hoppy, Melisa will point you in the right direction.


top 10 craft beer gifts

Craft Beer Mixed Packs are great but how often is the packaging they come in reusable and useful? That’s the great thing about the Docks Beers Beer Filled Toolboxes, they don’t just contain three of Docks’s finest craft beers and a branded glass, they also come in an actual toolbox. Once you’ve finished the beers and put the glass in the cupboard, you’ve then got a brand new piece of kit to put your tools in. We think the Docks Beers Toolbox is the perfect gift for Father’s day and we’re sure your dad will too.


Top beer gifts

When you’re enjoying a beer or two, it isn’t usually long before you’re feeling a bit peckish. Luckily the guys at BoroughBox HQ have put together a Beer Snack Experience Gift Box to satisfy your tastebuds. The Snack Experience Box includes a selection of 11 premium beer snacks and a spicy tomato relish. There are various hand-cut crisps (in a plethora of flavours), gourmet popcorn, pickles, snacking cheese, salted peanuts and, of course, the old favourite, pork crackling. If you’re going to snack, snack right.


Top 10 Craft Beer Gifts

This is probably the ultimate beer drinking combination. A mixed pack of craft beers and a glass to help sink them in style. This beer and glass bundle from Docks Beers is particularly popular with our fans, mainly because it includes our craft lager Overtime, premium session pale ale Hard Graft, New World IPA Never Say Die and a branded pint tumbler. Better still, it’s cheaper than buying the items separately. Who doesn’t love a good bargain?


Top 10 craft beer ideas

This is the second beery gift with a practical use on the list, but this one is also a great stocking filler because it’s only a tenner! Get a 330ml can of Camden Hells, Goose Island Midway, Beer Socks lager and a pair of novelty socks in a canister. What’s not to love? It’s beer and socks.


Docks beers gifts beer barrel

Nothing beats a freshly pulled pub pint. But on the occasions when you can’t make it to your local, or you want that authentic experience without leaving home, a mini cask is always a great option. Docks Beers offers pale ales, IPAs, stouts and even real ales in 5-litre mini casks. Five litres is about 10 pints, so you might have to share it though. Sorry, not sorry.


craft beer gifts

Sample craft beer authentically with these tasting glasses and a wooden serving paddle. This gift set is perfect for genuine beer enthusiasts as the glasses are designed to enhance the tasting experience and aroma of the beer. Whether you’re tasting an IPA, stout, wheat beer or lager, this excellent gift set will see you right.


Docks beers gifts

The true craft beer enthusiast would absolutely love a 40L brew kit of their own. With this piece of kit, they’d have the pleasure of making beer at home that can taste as good as it does when purchased from a professional brewery… although, it might take a few attempts! At £518, it’s probably towards the upper end of the gift scale, but it’s got everything the amateur brewer would need to concoct their own mouth-watering home brews.


Docks beers gift

Join the fight to keep real ale pubs alive in the UK by purchasing an annual membership to CAMRA! This isn’t just a noble cause for beer lovers, it’s also a pretty impressive membership package that includes vouchers, discounts and guides on the best places to drink in the British Isles.

New members will also receive a welcome pack along with beer vouchers, a copy of CAMRA’s award-winning BEER magazine which is then delivered to you monthly and not forgetting the CAMRA membership card which will get you a discount in loads of UK pubs.

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