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Sea Buck Light Tonic
Sea Buck Light Tonic
Sea Buck Light Tonic

Sea Buck Light Tonic

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Sea Buckthorn Tonic Water
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We love sea buckthorn at Docks Beers. Sea Buck Tonic is the perfect mixer with Maritime, our sea buckthorn flavoured gin. When blended with our gin the sea buckthorn berry infused tonic creates a distinctively wild and refined gin and tonic the like of which you’ve never experienced.

Sea Buck Tonic Water was created by Cornish duo Pablo and Charlie in their hometown of St Ives. They were inspired by the sea buckthorn growing against the odds on the wind-blown, sea-sprayed dunes of Gwithian. This is a unique mix of Cornish spring water, infused with quinine-producing cinchona bark and sea buckthorn berries.


StyleSea Buckthorn Light Tonic Water

Bottle Size200ml

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