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Uncontrolled Explosion

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Pomegranate Saison
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The cousin of our (in)famous incendiary fruit saison has arrived, and it’s packing a pomegranate punch. Prepare yourself for an Uncontrolled Explosion (metaphorically of course, we’re sure the can won’t really explode this time…)


A robust saison serves as the detonator for a vibrant pomegranate fruit charge, with spicy clove and coriander flavours from the Belgian yeast strain and a hint of fragrant rose and lemon rind underpinning it. Sure to be a flavour bomb that explodes straight from the can and onto your taste buds.


Keep cans refrigerated.


StylePomegranate Saison


HopsHuell Melon

OtherVegan friendly. Contains gluten.

Can Size440ml

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