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Naughty ‘N’ Nice Gift Box



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The Naughty N’ Nice Gift Box features both Docks Beers’ Winter 2023 beers, a branded 2/3 Schooner Glass, in a branded Docks box.

Naughty, our new 5% Sour Cherry IPA is the red in our ‘red and white’ approach to Christmas. This beer started life as a sour IPA made using acidulated malt and Philly Sour yeast. This was topped off with 40L Sour Cherry puree during fermentation for blush of colour and the beautiful flavour of cherry. The Result? A surprisingly balanced beer, starting with a touch of tartness from the yeast and cherry additions, followed up by the big and smooth body of an IPA.

Nice, the White in our ‘red and white’ approach to Christmas. A blend of both wheat beer and IPA, taking the most flavourful aspects of both beers. The hop character of an IPA with the malt, yeast and spice character of a wheat beer. This is a complex but balanced and deceptively easy-drinking beer. Perfect for a christmas party or for relaxing by the fireside and savouring.

1 x Naughty (5%)
1 x Nice (5.2%)
1 x 2/3 Pint Glass

Keep cans refrigerated.

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